Troyer Growers Supply Chemicals

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Founded in 2004, Troyer Growers Supply began with a strong proposition: maximizing the amount of money local farmers can save by leveraging their purchasing clout. 

At Troyer Growers Supply, we don´t shy away from the challenges facing today´s agriculture. Instead, we develop unique solutions designed to ensure the success of our customers.

We are growers ourselves, with more than 2,500 acres under cultivation. As large consumers of agricultural chemicals, we know what farmers need.

So we supply a comprehensive line of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Troyer Growers Supply offers starter fertilizers to nitrogen (UAN) options with a comprehensive selection of Dow agricultural chemicals, as well as products made by MANA, Drexel, and NuFarm.

Why Buy Your Ag Chemicals from Troyer Growers Supply?

  • Low prices
  • Lots of product on-hand
  • Delivery
  • Clean facilities
  • Fast loadout
  • Convenient hours
  • We´re growers ourselves. We understand your business!

For product- or market-specific information about what Troyer Growers Supply can do for you, contact Jake Jones at 814 796-7081 or e-mail