Troyer Growers Supply, Inc.  

Founded in 2004, Troyer Growers Supply began with a strong proposition: maximizing the amount of money local farmers can save by leveraging their purchasing clout. 


The Troyer family has operated farms for decades, with holdings in excess of 2,500 acres.


From this simple beginning, Troyer Growers Supply now serves customers in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and beyond with our purchasing power – and your savings – expanding as our business has grown.


At Troyer Growers Supply, success isn´t measured in tons, gallons or bushels. It is measured by how much we can make each of our farm customers stronger and more profitable. We do this not only by carrying a full line of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and seeds, but by giving customers what they need to prosper. And it begins with listening and ends with farmers helping farmers!

For product- or market-specific information about what Troyer Growers Supply can do for you, contact us at 814 796-7081 or e-mail